New Year resolution promotion ending soon

On February 1st we launched a promotion geared toward people wanting help sticking with their New Year resolution- and that promotion ends this weekend:

We’re offering a promotion specifically for those who are reluctant to hire a trainer- very low risk.  You can buy 3, 4, or 5 sessions for $50 each.  Spend $150 to $250 to get an intro to working with us.  As always the initial assessment is free and you don’t have to pay for the first exercise session unless you want to buy another session.

This offer will be available February 1-March 1, 2015 and can be used with our “Financial-risk-free” promotion.

Training & assessments must be conducted in Arlington, VA.


This has been popular!

Seeing how it is the weekend, I don’t think it was good planning to end a promotion on a Saturday night.  We’re going to run it through the weekend- March 1st is the new end date for the promotion.  If you contact us before March 2 to set up an initial assessment (within 30 days) you can still take advantage of this offer!

Have a great weekend!

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