Fitness Tracking

I’ve fought the urges over the last few years to buy “wearables” to track fitness, but I’ve finally given in.  I purchased a few different ones and I’m comparing them through different uses- daily wearing, working out and running.  I’m going to share my opinions and observations here as I form them.  If anyone has any particular questions I’m happy to address them to save you the time looking elsewhere.  I’ll wear them around for a few days at a time, switching them up, getting an idea of their general use and comfort, and I will also do more controlled study on a track and treadmill to test their accuracy of different measurements.

Right now I’m comparing a Fitbit Charge HR, Mio Alpha 2, and a Soleus GPS Pulse BLE +HRM.  These all have wrist-based heart rate monitors, will track an individual workout, and have a mobile app.  That’s about the extent of similarity.

For a quick preview of what is to come:  I see why Fitbit is so popular… I just don’t like the device interface at all.

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