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Did you recently move or buy new fitness equipment? (Or recently start going to the gym) If you are looking at your gym equipment and not quite sure what to do we’ll give you an hour of instruction on the basics for $50.
You can still schedule a FREE assessment where we can give you some ideas on what exercises would be most beneficial for you.

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The best way to use Facebook

I recently found that the best way to use Facebook is to not use it at all. I’m posting through other means. I’ll check messenger every now and then.  I was on Facebook heavily for that promo I ran, but wow, what an exhausting experience it is to use.  It wasn’t fun at all.  And I spend most of my time telling people to get away from their electronics and feel like a hypocrite every time I log on.
I hope this is the last thing you ever read on Facebook.

And the winner of a TRX GO Suspension trainer is

After two weeks of collecting results and my friends needling me for an answer, I finally get to let out the secret.

  • The correct answer is ~6 hours.
  • The winner is Kevin Walter, who was the first person to say that it took less than a day.
  • A few people called me out on-line for running a scam; I wish more had done so.
  • For results “like that” actually, I would probably guess 4-6 months of exercise with proper nutrition.  At my age (>30), properly planned rest, recovery, and lots of stretching would also be critical to success.
  • I don’t have a secret fitness or diet plan; I developed my plans the same way I do for my clients, with some input from medical providers because of having to recover from old injuries. I’m satisfied with how I feel.

These are the original “before” pictures with the newspaper visible:


I can’t stand ads like the one I made.  At least I didn’t use photo editing.  I chickened out making myself miserable between photos: I didn’t take laxatives, I didn’t sweat myself dizzy in a sauna, and I didn’t use the self tanner I bought.  I slouched and took as deep a breath as possible before the first pictures.  I worked out (should have done more arms), shaved my face and chest, and showered before the second set of pics. I pushed as much air out of my body as I could and tightened my gut. I’m even wearing the same jeans- I won’t be caught dead wearing them in public, I don’t even think they would have fit me in my 20’s. The results are clear.  To the untrained eye the pictures look like a long time apart. It’s the beginning of a scam.

I don’t promise results “like this” and I don’t look like what some might call a “stereotypical trainer”.  I try to keep myself educated and my clients safe.  I help people on their own journey to a healthier way of life.  There are too many variables in anyone’s life to be able to find easy answers to anything, especially surrounding major change.  Fitness classes, online training plans, bootcamps, and dvds/videos work for some people, but they lack elements of personalization and feedback that assist in achieving proper form for safe, efficient training.  I take workouts one session at a time until we find something that works well.  Usually I give homework, because an hour with me every few days isn’t going to make much impact alone.

I hope this promotion brought some transparency to some bad advertising techniques.  I am proud of some significant gains I have made over time- I have reduced the impact of chronic pain from injuries, lowered my cholesterol, started running again and increased my energy levels.  Unfortunately those results don’t show up well in pictures, but cosmetic changes did follow my improved overall health.  My first goal when I started back again was to “feel better today than I did yesterday.”  It didn’t work every day, but over time it’s created positive results.

Thank you to everyone for playing, and big thanks to those who called me out.  Misleading “Before & After” shots like this are common but bad for the industry.  Even at best (no Photoshop/flagrant trickery) they promote unrealistic expectations, while giving little indication of real improvements in health.  The important thing is to seek a trainer (or method or site) that helps you take a healthy approach to getting your body where it should be; outward changes usually follow.

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Last Chance to Enter to win a FREE TRX GO Suspension Trainer

Contest closes at Midnight on Monday, April 24th, 2017 (Eastern Time).  That’s a little more than 24 hours from now.

Good luck!

Win a free TRX GO Suspension Trainer with multiple anchor options for training at home and when travelling, and be eligible for free training, too!


How long did it take me to get myself from my “before” picture to my “after” picture?

We’re giving away a TRX GO Suspension Trainer (a $129.95 value) to whoever guesses closest to how long it took me to “transform” my body.

There can be 2 winners.  If you win you may be eligible for free training, too!

Friends, family, past and current clients, additional rules apply, but you are invited to enter as well.

Submissions must be made by midnight on Monday, April 24, 2017.

To enter:

  • Reply with your answer here or on one of our other social media pages Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google+.  All answers will be posted on each of our social media pages at the end of each day.


Please share your guesses on our social media sites.

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Must be 18 or older.  Shipping only to U.S. and Canada.  In-person training sessions awarded are only eligible for use in Arlington, VA.  See complete rules on our website: Contest Rules.
TRX GO is a registered trademark of Fitness Anywhere LLC.  Fitness Anywhere LLC is not affiliated in any way with Kinematics Personal Training, LLC, or this contest.
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Training apps

There are all kinds of fitness apps out there.

This one is not “like” having a personal trainer, it IS having a personal trainer.  The difference is that We’re not with you at every session.  We design the workouts the same way as other sessions: by showing you the exercises, teaching you how to do them, and giving you guidance about how to manage sets, reps and/or time for each.

We’re not offering pure on-line only training.  With how busy everyone is these days, and with traffic as bad as it is, We are unable to see clients as often.  It’s no one’s fault, motivation is rarely the problem.  Most of our clients have a decent working knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and we help take the guess work out for them.  We also save them the time of trying to decide what exercises to do when, in what order, to what intensity.  These are the kinds of questions that drive many people away from going to the gym- and all they need is a guide.

We hope this additional training tool helps get more people back to a healthy fitness routine, and we will guide them along the way!

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Fitness models

When I re-did my website I went looking for eye-catching pictures to attract attention to my site.  Unfortunately I found too many pictures of fitness models and I did not feel that they accurately represented a healthy body.  Also, they were usually doing the exercises wrong.

Instead, for now, I’m posting pictures of myself.  If you can guess the time between these “before” and “after” pictures you might win a free TRX GO Suspension Trainer.


Guess how long this took to win a free TRX GO Suspension Trainer.


Please share your guesses on our social media sites.

Must be 18 or older. Shipping only to U.S. and Canada. In-person training sessions awarded are only eligible for use in Arlington, VA. See complete rules on our website: Contest Rules.

TRX GO is a registered trademark of Fitness Anywhere LLC. Fitness Anywhere LLC is not affiliated in any way with Kinematics Personal Training, LLC, or this contest.
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